Ok, I’ll admit it now. I’m pretty much a Lord of the Rings nerd. I first heard The Hobbit when I was in third grade. My teacher read it to us every afternoon and I found a love of the little people. I later read the LOTR Triology and have re-read the books more than a dozen times. I very much anticipated the movies to see if Peter Jackson could instill the vision I had of Middle Earth. Even though they weren’t perfect, and I didn’t always love what they choose not to put in the movies, I still loved them. For three years, my son and I would play hooky from work/school and see the movies on their first day out.

Fast forward several years. One of my daughters decided to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Today is her one year anniversary. She will be home in 6 months and I can’t wait. But right before she left, my son made her this framed quote to take with her. This is today’s quote:

“Put aside the ranger. Become who you were born to be.”

A great message for all of us. Stop wandering around and live life with purpose. Make a difference is your own way. We don’t need to be famous, rich or connected to make a difference in the world. Find out what you can do and DO IT!

Put Aside the Ranger

Small Steps

I have almost 1000 quote pins on my Pinterest board. Like I said, I love quotes. So this quote is one I pinned and the credit came from HealthyPlace.com.  This quote reminded me of a time when I was on a camp out with some young women in my church’s congregation. An over zealous leader took us on a five-mile hike, which wouldn’t be too bad, except for the rough terrain and the fact that I was woefully out of shape. I ran out of water half-way through and was hurting pretty bad. While the group was taking a breather, I decided to head back to camp so that I could get a head start. There were several rough places and I remember thinking that I just need to put one foot in front of the other. And no matter how slow I was trekking, I was still making progress towards the camp. It took me longer to get back to camp than most of the girls, but I felt proud of myself for accomplishing the hike. Small steps are sometimes the most difficult to take. So this quote reminds me that I just need to take that step.

digital papers from Tangie Baxter studios; girl doll from Rebecca McMeen; frame from Carina Gardner.

digital papers from Tangie Baxter studios; girl doll from Rebecca McMeen; frame from Carina Gardner.

I found this quote on someone’s “house tour” for autumn. I love seeing how other people decorate their homes and therefore can’t resist when some of my favorite bloggers offer a peak into their homes.  I took a screen shot of the picture because I loved what it had to say. The sign was a simple wooden framed piece of artwork hanging over a bench.  But I can’t for the life of me remember whose house it was in. SORRY!

So I created this 6×6 version of the words using digital papers from Katie Pertiet of Designer Digitals and the frame from Rhonna Farrer Designs. Enjoy!

New Day Quote

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons). Twice a year, in April and October, we participate in a worldwide conference where we receive council from our leaders. This quote comes from President Dieter F. Uchtdorf’s talk on Saturday afternoon. It was created on the LDS.org site and I’m sharing it with you here.


Yea, I’m early today.

Today’s quote is another take on finding yourself. This one, from Alan Alda, talks about leaving the comfort of your city to go into the wilderness. Enjoy!

Leave the City of your Comfort

Digital art: Castle from Tangie Baxter, papers from Joie Devivre and Amanda Carlson.

What am I?

First off, you’ll notice that I am posting later and later every day. But there is still 1 hour and 40 minutes until tomorrow, so I’m ok.

Change is a difficult thing for me. I have a hard time letting go of things. It is especially hard for me to make personal changes. And it’s not because I think I’m perfect; far from it. So when I saw this quote, I thought long and hard about why I can’t let go of things, bad habits, and beliefs that no longer serve me. Maybe I’m afraid that what I might become isn’t worth the pain of change. I’ve been spending some time writing about this in my morning pages and really concentrating on what my fears are.

Letting Go of what I am

digital art credits: Nancie Rowe Janitz


Nature Quote

I don’t know where I found this quote, but made this page during the summer. I’m sorry I didn’t write down the digital artwork I used. This quote spoke to me about our own individual talents and abilities. NATUREweb


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