1. I really don’t have patience with other people. I found myself working hard to be patient with my mom during her surgery and recovery. I also find myself being pretty impatient with my husband. I realize that I have to really work on this during 2016.

2. I like traveling by myself. I make this trip to St. George every January and love the drive and having time to recharge.


3. Along with traveling… I love road trips. I really need to plan one for the summer – maybe with Amanda and Ness.


St. George Red Rock

4. I enjoy making things. I’ve decided to participate with Tim Holtz’s tags of 2016. I don’t need to have all the new supplies to put my own spin on it. I’m also enjoying participating in a new DLP2016 (Documented Life Project 2016) which is more of a planner. Every week is a new challenge and I’m liking it that.


My take on Tim Holtz January challenge.

5. Exercise is still a hard habit for me. I’ve been trying to go every morning with my friend, Lisa. But I find that I still have to force myself to go. I’m glad she has such a strong drive to get us there.


Ring in 2016

I can’t believe how quickly life moves. When I finished posting my 31-day challenge, I had every intention of writing on my blog at least once a week after that. But here it is, January 2, 2016 and I am just getting around to writing again. November and December was almost a blur.


One of the best parts of Christmas, was being able to Skype with my daughter who is serving a mission in Argentina for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This is her second Christmas away from home and I hate to say that I am counting the days, literally, before she comes home. The rest of Christmas was great too. We had all the rest of the family home and we got snow on Christmas – a true white Christmas.

It was fun to have our only grand daughter her for Christmas. Even though she’s still pretty young, we loved being able to see her respond to the decorations and the presents and the excitement.

I am making a commitment to myself to write more this year. (Notice I didn’t say resolution). So I guess here’s to updating my blog in 2016… weekly??




Today begins the 2015 holiday season, right? Halloween! One of my family’s favorite holidays. So last night my niece and my brother’s family put together this wonderful Halloween party for the family. We had wonderful food: Chili, homemade rolls, butter beer, cheese and crackers and other yummy treats. We had a costume party and even got my mother to dress up as Judge Judy. The decorations were over the top. So I thought I would end my 31 days of quotes with a quote about families and show you some pictures from our party last night.

Halloween Family



My niece who put this party together and Mom.

My niece, Abbie, who put this party together and Mom.


I absolutely love Ray Bradbury and Something Wicked This Way Comes. It was one of my favorite creepy type books to read when I was younger. I was looking through it the other day to find a creepy quote for Halloween and found this one about friendship. I love the way he uses language to illicit a picture in your mind. Friends are just like that, right? They take you as a piece of clay and change you somehow. Sometimes it is a good change and other times it is not. But either way, you can’t come out of a friendship unchanged.


Being Brave

I follow a blog written by Chris Guillebeau, The Art of Non-Conformity. Over the past 10 years he has visited every country in the world. His blog is inspiration for achieving personal goals. His posts are usually pretty short, but have a message that is inspiring. Also, for the past six years he has hosted his World Domination Summit where over 1000 people get together to explore how they can live a remarkable life. He has also written several books.

In one of his recent blog posts, he shared a talk given by  Jon Acuff at this past year’s summit. Today’s quote comes from that talk. The whole talk is wonderful, but I really loved this quote mainly because my word for the year is “fearless”. It made me realize, once again, that being brave is not something you can just feel. You also have to take action and do. I’m pretty good at procrastinating things that are out of my comfort zone. I then wake up in the middle of the night with this panic seizing my body. The funny thing is that when I eventually do the thing that I fear, it turns out all right. If you have a 30 minutes, listen to Jon’s talk. You won’t regret it.

Being brave

Great Dreams

I got into bed last night and realized that I hadn’t posted my quote for the day. I almost got out of bed, but I was much too comfortable. I love this quote by Harriet Tubman. I think we all forget that we are the captains of our own destiny. We just need to get up and get working.

digital painting by Viva Artistry, Scrapbookgraphics.com

digital painting by Viva Artistry, Scrapbookgraphics.com

True Direction

I guess change is a common theme in my quotes. Maybe because change is really difficult for everyone. Breaking out of the norm requires effort. It also means that we need to embrace the unfamiliar and I think that’s hard. It is so much easier to stay in the comfort zone and complain when your goals don’t materialize than to make changes and maybe risk failure.

I made a commitment to write on this blog every day during the month of October. And with the exception of a few days, I’ve posted something every day. I’ve also created backgrounds for my quotes. But now that the end of the month is getting closer, I find myself wondering if posting for 31 days was enough to make it habit. If I will continue to write on this blog more consistently, or will I just be glad that its over. I know it has a lot to do with personal goals. What do I want to accomplish on this blog? Am I just writing for the sake of practice or do I want it to evolve into something else?

Well I guess there are five more days left in the month. Plenty of time for me to figure out where I’m going to go.

Finding my true direction