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I’ve spent part of my summer taking some online classes that (hopefully) are expanding my art experience and also my skills. The first class that I took was from Claudine Hellmuth through Big Picture Scrapbooking and was on making collages. Since I’ve been dabbling into art journals I thought it would be fun to learn what makes a good composition. Claudine is so amazing. The class was a lot of fun and stretched my creativity quite a bit.

I forced myself to make some of the collages with paper supplies and then did a couple digitally. The first ones I did turned out ok, despite the fact that I was on an extended weekend at the cabin with my daughter. I only took some water color paints & paper and some magazines for inspiration. All the backgrounds were done with watercolors. I thought I was doing pretty good until my son and a bunch of his friends stopped by on their way home from Jackson. One of the kids was a professional artist and he showed me the watercolor he made of the area where they stayed. ┬áMy stuff honestly looked like a first grader had done them. But oh, well. I can’t get caught up in my inadequacies right now. Obviously, I’m taking classes to learn. So, here are my first collages:

I should mention that I did have a couple sheets of scrapbooking paper and a couple of rolls of washi tape in the art bag I took to the cabin. The image came from a magazine. Here’s collage #2:

I thought this one was sort of fun. The three guys are from a sheet of scrap booking paper from Graphic 45. The words came from some magazines. I can’t even remember in what context the Mafia text came from, but I thought it was a fun take on the picture.



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