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Halloween Recap

Even though Halloween is past, I didn’t want to leave our Halloween get-ups out of my blog. We participated in our church’s Trunk or Treat and decided that we wanted to decorate our trunk (and ourselves) as hobbit folk.

First, we made a yellow round door. I was going to paint the paper and then thought, why make this harder than it has to be. So I purchased yellow butcher paper from Zurchers, taped it together and cut out a giant round circle. I penciled in some wood slats and then used distress ink to shade in the slats. Once we got it on the card, it wasn’t as big as I thought it would be. We had thought to put astro turf or grass on the roof, but that didn’t quite happen either. So to complete the decor, we added flower pots, hay bales and lanterns. We gave away ring pops (rings of power) which were in the basket.

Our costumes came from trips to the local thrift stores where we purchased vests, shirts, skirts and hats. We purchased some pointy elf ears at the local Halloween store, as well as some fake hair for our feet.

Since Halloween in Utah is usually cold, we didn’t want to go barefoot, so we purchased some flip flops at Old Navy and glued the fake hair to the straps. I think it served it’s purpose, even though they didn’t look exactly like hobbit feet. Once we got the flip flops on, we spread out the hair to cover more of our feet.

The finished product turned out pretty good. We definitely had the most original costumes and trunk. Although it was kind of funny to hear people try to decide who we were supposed to be. We thought with the round door, short pants, hairy feet, that we would be a dead give-away. We had people ask us if we were Spock; if we were “Journey to the Center of the Earth”; if we were fairies.

Oh well, at least we had fun!


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