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1. I really don’t have patience with other people. I found myself working hard to be patient with my mom during her surgery and recovery. I also find myself being pretty impatient with my husband. I realize that I have to really work on this during 2016.

2. I like traveling by myself. I make this trip to St. George every January and love the drive and having time to recharge.


3. Along with traveling… I love road trips. I really need to plan one for the summer – maybe with Amanda and Ness.


St. George Red Rock

4. I enjoy making things. I’ve decided to participate with Tim Holtz’s tags of 2016. I don’t need to have all the new supplies to put my own spin on it. I’m also enjoying participating in a new DLP2016 (Documented Life Project 2016) which is more of a planner. Every week is a new challenge and I’m liking it that.


My take on Tim Holtz January challenge.

5. Exercise is still a hard habit for me. I’ve been trying to go every morning with my friend, Lisa. But I find that I still have to force myself to go. I’m glad she has such a strong drive to get us there.


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I guess change is a common theme in my quotes. Maybe because change is really difficult for everyone. Breaking out of the norm requires effort. It also means that we need to embrace the unfamiliar and I think that’s hard. It is so much easier to stay in the comfort zone and complain when your goals don’t materialize than to make changes and maybe risk failure.

I made a commitment to write on this blog every day during the month of October. And with the exception of a few days, I’ve posted something every day. I’ve also created backgrounds for my quotes. But now that the end of the month is getting closer, I find myself wondering if posting for 31 days was enough to make it habit. If I will continue to write on this blog more consistently, or will I just be glad that its over. I know it has a lot to do with personal goals. What do I want to accomplish on this blog? Am I just writing for the sake of practice or do I want it to evolve into something else?

Well I guess there are five more days left in the month. Plenty of time for me to figure out where I’m going to go.

Finding my true direction

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I’ve spent part of my summer taking some online classes that (hopefully) are expanding my art experience and also my skills. The first class that I took was from Claudine Hellmuth through Big Picture Scrapbooking and was on making collages. Since I’ve been dabbling into art journals I thought it would be fun to learn what makes a good composition. Claudine is so amazing. The class was a lot of fun and stretched my creativity quite a bit.

I forced myself to make some of the collages with paper supplies and then did a couple digitally. The first ones I did turned out ok, despite the fact that I was on an extended weekend at the cabin with my daughter. I only took some water color paints & paper and some magazines for inspiration. All the backgrounds were done with watercolors. I thought I was doing pretty good until my son and a bunch of his friends stopped by on their way home from Jackson. One of the kids was a professional artist and he showed me the watercolor he made of the area where they stayed.  My stuff honestly looked like a first grader had done them. But oh, well. I can’t get caught up in my inadequacies right now. Obviously, I’m taking classes to learn. So, here are my first collages:

I should mention that I did have a couple sheets of scrapbooking paper and a couple of rolls of washi tape in the art bag I took to the cabin. The image came from a magazine. Here’s collage #2:

I thought this one was sort of fun. The three guys are from a sheet of scrap booking paper from Graphic 45. The words came from some magazines. I can’t even remember in what context the Mafia text came from, but I thought it was a fun take on the picture.


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I’ve been playing a bit with art journaling this year. I’ve been trying to move out of the “safe” realm of scrap booking and card making  to trying my hand at just playing with art. I have created several journals – one that deals with my 2012 word: Journey.  I created this page using a variety of Distress Inks as a background. I found the cool graphic from a book that I purchased at my local thrift store for $1.00 – a real bargain if you ask me. The book is entitled, The Directory of Illustration and Design, Volume 23. It has some pretty interesting illustrations. The quote is from Mark Twain and says, “You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.”

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