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In reading my daily blog posts, I came across this video that really made me think. We really are our own worst critics. I’m probably not alone when I say I hate to have my picture taken. I don’t often post pictures of myself. I don’t have many pictures of myself and my family. And why? We all need to start being kinder to ourselves – the way we look is just one area. We need to stop comparing ourselves to others. I’ve recently heard it said that we compare our worst self to other people’s best.

You can go to the Dove Real Beauty Sketches site to see more.


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One of the reasons I decided to retire last June was to help out my parents more. My dad had a major stroke 4 1/2 years ago and has been home bound pretty much most of the past 1 1/2 years. My mother has been dutifully taking care of him. But as he has gotten progressively less and less able to do anything for himself, she has had to step in and take care of all his needs.  They do have home health care that comes in daily to give him a shower and a nurse comes in twice a week to check his vitals. He has a permanent catheter which is helpful in that we didn’t have to get him out of bed every time nature called, but it is also a source of consistent urinary tract infections.

This last infection brought sent him to the ER twice last week. Although he went there with initial symptoms of difficulty in breathing, after all the tests came back, the only thing they could find was a UTI. After his first visit, he came home with an antibiotic, only to have to change midstream after the culture came back. Five days later he was in the ER for the same thing and this time they suggested that we take him to the infusion center twice a day and have an antibiotic dripped into his system. Of course, because he was there on Easter Sunday, there weren’t a lot of people around at the insurance company or medicare, but essentially what we learned is that if he goes to the infusion center, his insurance covers everything. If he stays at home and has the home health care company administer the drug twice a day, it would cost my mother almost $1500 out of pocket.

So the initial decision was to get him to the infusion center. Even though that meant getting him out of his hospital bed twice a day, lift him into his wheelchair, then out of his wheelchair into the car, out of the car into his wheelchair and into the infusion center’s lounge chair for his treatment. Then we reversed the process to get him home again.

We realized how crazy it was to go through the process twice a day for 10 days. So after our first day on Monday, we made phone call to the Home Health Care company. They made some calls and figured out how it would only cost my mom $450 out of pocket. So we made the decision to have the infusions done at home.

This experience with my dad has really opened my eyes to the strangeness of the health care system. I mean, you would really think that it would be cheaper for the insurance to have this service done in home – especially since we already have a home health care company. There are so many other things that can drive one to drink.

So even though retirement is supposed to be a time to kick back and enjoy, I glad that I can help my mom and dad.

Mom & Dad 61 years.

Mom & Dad 61 years.

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