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I can’t believe how quickly life moves. When I finished posting my 31-day challenge, I had every intention of writing on my blog at least once a week after that. But here it is, January 2, 2016 and I am just getting around to writing again. November and December was almost a blur.


One of the best parts of Christmas, was being able to Skype with my daughter who is serving a mission in Argentina for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This is her second Christmas away from home and I hate to say that I am counting the days, literally, before she comes home. The rest of Christmas was great too. We had all the rest of the family home and we got snow on Christmas – a true white Christmas.

It was fun to have our only grand daughter her for Christmas. Even though she’s still pretty young, we loved being able to see her respond to the decorations and the presents and the excitement.

I am making a commitment to myself to write more this year. (Notice I didn’t say resolution). So I guess here’s to updating my blog in 2016… weekly??




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Today begins the 2015 holiday season, right? Halloween! One of my family’s favorite holidays. So last night my niece and my brother’s family put together this wonderful Halloween party for the family. We had wonderful food: Chili, homemade rolls, butter beer, cheese and crackers and other yummy treats. We had a costume party and even got my mother to dress up as Judge Judy. The decorations were over the top. So I thought I would end my 31 days of quotes with a quote about families and show you some pictures from our party last night.

Halloween Family



My niece who put this party together and Mom.

My niece, Abbie, who put this party together and Mom.

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Sorry I missed posting yesterday. I actually had a fabulous quote that I wanted to share with you, but I was out of town and had some technical difficulties getting it to work on my phone. So I’ll post that quote tomorrow.

I had the opportunity to go out of town for a meeting. I took along my husband and youngest daughter because she had fall break from school and I thought she might enjoy getting away. We went to Cedar City, Utah. More details tomorrow with the quote. However, on the way home today, my daughter was all grumpy because her laptop didn’t recharge over night and therefore, she couldn’t watch some movie she had planned to watch. As I listened to her complain, the quote below came to mind. Enough said.

digital paper by Lisa Sisneros

digital paper by Lisa Sisneros

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Missing Who We Love

Today is the one-year anniversary of my father’s death. The year has blown by. In that time we’ve celebrated a number of benchmark occasions in our household. We’ve done a major remodeling project with months full of a messy, dirty house. We’ve celebrated the birth of our first grandchild – a beautiful, healthy baby girl. We married off our only son. Good thing I love his wife so much, otherwise, it would have been really hard to do this. We’re getting ready to send one of our daughters to serve an LDS mission in Argentina. And lastly, we’re teaching our baby how to drive a car – YIKES!

As we participated in each of these life changing events, we felt a tug of sadness as we felt the absence of dad. I’ve  felt his presence many times this past year, cheering us on.  But that’s not the same as feeling and seeing him.  He lived a good life and led his family by example. Not only did he live a good life, he loved life. He would have been screaming his head off when Germany won the World Cup this year.  He loved soccer!


He overcame many hardships and was there at the end teaching us how to endure and especially how to love. I miss you lots, papa!

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It seems like only yesterday that I was posting everyday in October. Then came one or two posts in November and then…. nothing. It isn’t because I’ve been vegging out not doing anything. I guess it’s because so many things have been happening that I have neglected writing about them on my blog.

This year was our first Christmas without Dad. We went through the usual traditions with the family, but it seemed a little lacking. My mom and I had found a bunch of reel-to-reel tapes that contained a bunch of Christmas “advent programs” that we kids participated in a long time ago. One of the tapes contained my Dad’s little Christmas speech from the 1970’s. We took the tapes and had them converted to Cd’s for the family and played the Christmas speech on Christmas Eve. It was nice to hear my father’s voice again and it made the event seem more normal than it was.

Mom & Dad 2011

January was the one year anniversary of my brother’s liver transplant. This event was also a defining event for our family in 2013.  My brother had been struggling with liver disease for a number of years until its progression brought him to the brink of death and through some miracle, he was able to receive a liver. I have thought long and hard this year at how blessed we are when we have our health. It is not something that I have taken for granted.

Lastly, another defining event was the announcement that my married daughter is expecting a baby. I never thought I would live to see the day that I would become a grandmother.

Elisha & Drew

So as 2014 begins to wind its path through my life, I can already see that some big changes are hiding in the wings. My goal now is to make sure that I write about them somewhere so that I don’t forget about the life lessons.

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Thanks to my husband’s work, we got to fly to Seattle for a couple of days. He got to go to workshops all day and I got to play all day. Of course, play included sleeping in. The weather wasn’t great two of the days we were there, but hey, I’m on vacation and am not going to let a little rain, wind and cold keep my down. One of the other spouses came along, so we spent most of the first day shopping around downtown.

First off, we went to Pikes Market. Interestingly, my friend used to live in the Northwest, but had never gone down. First in through the door, I purchased a great little felt hat to keep my head and body warm. Sorry, didn’t take a picture of that. But then we shopped around until we reached the fish. I was tempted to have some flown home. They looked might good!

crabSo when did they put in the Ferris Wheel thing? We were there two years ago and I don’t remember seeing it. Of course, that doesn’t mean anything, since I am a pretty non-observant person. If the weather would have been better, we might have taken it for a spin.


I’m afraid it was too cold and windy for a test drive. A couple of days later, we went to the Space Needle. Again I was amazed that she could live around here for 10 years and never come over to see it. Seattle’s fall colors were just beautiful. This maple tree really caught my eye. I had to take a  picture of it.


Anyway, the trip was a great getaway from the everyday cares of my world. I loved getting to spend time with my husband and with friends. And, Seattle is a beautiful place to go.

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My attempt to participate in the 31 days in 2013 blog series sponsored by Nester made me realize that blogging every day is hard and also that I don’t do very well with daily “challenges.” So that being said, I quickly jumped in to Cathy Zielske’s 30 days of Thankful challenge. I don’t have to post to my blog everyday, but I’m supposed to write about something that I am thankful for for 30 days.

So I downloaded a template from Cathy’s collection at Designer Digitals and started documenting the things that I am thankful for. So far, I’m five for five days in November. The challenge will come up in the next couple of days when I have to go out of town. So I thought I would post today’s entry in what I’m thankful for.


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