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So it has been two months since I left my full-time employment to retire. This was going to be the summer of getting things done. The summer of changes. So far, NOT!

I have found that not having a schedule every day is very disorienting to me.  For the first month of so, I didn’t even have a place where I kept a calendar. I just relied on my memory. Not a good thing.

I finally purchased a $3 calendar they sell for school kids – mostly because it starts in August and runs through June of next year. I keep it with me and write down appointments and commitments there. I have also been trying to keep things updated in my google calendar. Between the two, I hope that I’m keeping up with regular life.

This summer has also been consumed with selling my in-laws home. My father-in-law passed away 18 months ago and we have been fussing around with their house ever since. First we emptied it and put it on the market, as is. We got no bites. After careful consideration, we decided to upgrade the paint, carpets and window coverings. We also emptied all the rest of the furniture and cleaned up the yard.  It has taken a lot of my husband and his sibling’s time this summer. But we finally put it on the market last week. And already have a couple of offers. YEA!

My other goals of spending more time with my parents and helping my daughter along, hasn’t really materialized for whatever reason. Next week, Amanda goes back to school and I will have more time during the day to organize my life.  I am planning to put together an outline of goals, activities, etc. that I can do.

I’m hoping to be more productive in the next two months. I have to admit, though, it has felt good to sleep in, to take time to just breath.


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