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Today begins the 2015 holiday season, right? Halloween! One of my family’s favorite holidays. So last night my niece and my brother’s family put together this wonderful Halloween party for the family. We had wonderful food: Chili, homemade rolls, butter beer, cheese and crackers and other yummy treats. We had a costume party and even got my mother to dress up as Judge Judy. The decorations were over the top. So I thought I would end my 31 days of quotes with a quote about families and show you some pictures from our party last night.

Halloween Family



My niece who put this party together and Mom.

My niece, Abbie, who put this party together and Mom.


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You would think that with not working, I would have more time to devote to things like my family traditions. But the answer is not always. One of our family traditions, is putting together a great appearance at our neighborhood Trunk or Treat. Last year, we were hobbits and I must admit, were a bit disappointed that not a lot of people got what we were. Really??? I guess our family is just nerdy that way.

But this year, there were a few obstacles that made Trunk or Treat a challenge. First, our Young Women’s group was in charge of games for the event. Four of the six girls were involved in school events and couldn’t attend, making it necessary for me to be in there helping with games and not manning my trunk. Secondly, my high-school aged daughter was performing in a choir event at the school tonight. I mean who schedules these events??  My husband ended up going there to support her and I zipped over at the last minute to catch her final number.

My son and his girlfriend, thanks to Lucy, came dressed up as Johnny Cash and June Carter. They actually looked pretty great.

JohnnyCasMy other daughter dressed up like “The Doctor” as in Doctor Who. Ness is usually the one who has some pretty unique ideas when it comes to Halloween costumes. Even though most people don’t get it, she loves to come up with interesting costumes.

DoctorWhoAll in all, our Trunk or Treat was ok.  I guess the point is that we kept the tradition going. I guess I should add that we had our trunk decorated like a pirates cave with a treasure chest filled with gold coins. Sorry, I was so rattled that I didn’t get a good picture of the trunk.



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