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1. I really don’t have patience with other people. I found myself working hard to be patient with my mom during her surgery and recovery. I also find myself being pretty impatient with my husband. I realize that I have to really work on this during 2016.

2. I like traveling by myself. I make this trip to St. George every January and love the drive and having time to recharge.


3. Along with traveling… I love road trips. I really need to plan one for the summer – maybe with Amanda and Ness.


St. George Red Rock

4. I enjoy making things. I’ve decided to participate with Tim Holtz’s tags of 2016. I don’t need to have all the new supplies to put my own spin on it. I’m also enjoying participating in a new DLP2016 (Documented Life Project 2016) which is more of a planner. Every week is a new challenge and I’m liking it that.


My take on Tim Holtz January challenge.

5. Exercise is still a hard habit for me. I’ve been trying to go every morning with my friend, Lisa. But I find that I still have to force myself to go. I’m glad she has such a strong drive to get us there.


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As I mentioned in a previous post, my family and I went to Cedar City for our fall break. I had meetings to attend related to Economic Development. One of the topics covered at the meeting was on Tourism as an Economic Driver. There were 6 or 7 presentations from groups in the Cedar City area who are tourism related, such as the Shakespeare Festival and the Utah Summer Games. One of the presentations was from a group who puts on a 7-day event every year called Groovefest. This is a week-long music experience culminating in two days of free concerts in the park.

I’ve lived in Utah all my life and had never heard of this event so I was fascinated by their presentation. There are about 20 volunteers, no paid staff, who put on this event every year. They begin the planning process pretty much right after the festival is over and meet weekly to plan the next year’s event. The presenter told us that people ask her all the time, how she has time to work on such an event when she has a full-time job and life. She said that the staff has this motto they use to explain why they work so hard. And here it is…

digital artwork by Tangie Baxter.

digital artwork by Tangie Baxter.

This motto really struck me. I get so caught up in doing nothings, that I feel like I don’t have time to do things that I’m passionate about. Isn’t that the way we all are? Letting a few more minutes of sleep, or mindless television watching, or social media browsing keep us from what we really want to do. More passion! Let’s do it.

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Free Ice Cream ConesEven though my kids are older, we still try to take a field trip ever week in the summer, that is when time and schedules permit. Friday, June 14th, one of our State Parks, “This is the Place” had a free day. All of my kids took a field trip to the park during their Utah History studies in the 4th grade, so it has been a while since any of us were there.

The Park celebrates our heritage when the Pioneers first came into the Salt Lake valley. Their leader, Brigham Young was inspired to stop the journey and stay in the valley. From this vantage point at the mouth of Emigration Canyon, you can see the entire valley with the Great Salt Lake shining on the western horizon.

Interestingly, Utah celebrates Pioneer Day on July 24th as a State Holiday, where our Statehood Day on January 4th is just another day at the office.

The park contains historic homes, a printing press, and early retail establishments. There are lots of fun “hands-on” activities for the kids, as well as Native American dancing, an incredible quilt museum, and a train that takes you around the park. If you are in Utah or coming for a visit, it’s a great place to spend an afternoon and it is just across the road from Hogle Zoo.  Two great places to spend a summer day.

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