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First of all, I can’t believe today is October 31st and the last day of the 31 days in 2013 exercise. Did I accomplish my goal of posting everyday? No. BUT, I have to admit that I’m proud of myself for only missing a couple of days. 

Here’s what I learned: It is hard to post everyday. It was especially hard to keep to a supposed theme like I chose for this exercise. My hat’s off to all of you who post on a regular basis and come up with interesting things to say and pictures to match. Pictures were definitely one of my hardest thing. If I remembered to take a picture, I was ok with editing and uploading to my site. My problem was remembering to take a picture or to find a picture that would go along with my topic for the day.


I also realized that I am much more eloquent in my own mind than I am when the post is actually written. There were times that I had a great idea right before drifting off to sleep, but the next day, I could never make it sound like I wanted it to.  There were also days (including the ones that I missed) when I really didn’t want to post, or I felt like I didn’t have anything relevant to say.

yellowtreesAfter having participated in this 31 day event, I have to say that I’m glad I did it. I wish I would have come up with a different topic for my 31 days. I also wish that I had more confidence in myself and my writing. But all in all, it was a great exercise. Hopefully now, I will start posting to my site a bit more often than I have in the past and share some of the other things that are going on in my life.



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You would think that with not working, I would have more time to devote to things like my family traditions. But the answer is not always. One of our family traditions, is putting together a great appearance at our neighborhood Trunk or Treat. Last year, we were hobbits and I must admit, were a bit disappointed that not a lot of people got what we were. Really??? I guess our family is just nerdy that way.

But this year, there were a few obstacles that made Trunk or Treat a challenge. First, our Young Women’s group was in charge of games for the event. Four of the six girls were involved in school events and couldn’t attend, making it necessary for me to be in there helping with games and not manning my trunk. Secondly, my high-school aged daughter was performing in a choir event at the school tonight. I mean who schedules these events??  My husband ended up going there to support her and I zipped over at the last minute to catch her final number.

My son and his girlfriend, thanks to Lucy, came dressed up as Johnny Cash and June Carter. They actually looked pretty great.

JohnnyCasMy other daughter dressed up like “The Doctor” as in Doctor Who. Ness is usually the one who has some pretty unique ideas when it comes to Halloween costumes. Even though most people don’t get it, she loves to come up with interesting costumes.

DoctorWhoAll in all, our Trunk or Treat was ok.  I guess the point is that we kept the tradition going. I guess I should add that we had our trunk decorated like a pirates cave with a treasure chest filled with gold coins. Sorry, I was so rattled that I didn’t get a good picture of the trunk.



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signsSaturday night, we decided to watch “Signs”, the M. Night Shyamalan movie about Aliens visiting the earth. I haven’t see it for a while so was caught in some of those “gotcha” moments. I also forgot how creepy the aliens were.

Fast forward to this morning. I had to get up extra early to send my daughter of to an early morning choir rehearsal. After she left, I promptly fell back asleep and began dreaming. I could hear this weird sound that reminded me of a movie alien spaceship landing.  I woke up to the realization that the sound was really happening right outside my window. In my sleepy stupor, I was imagining the ship landing on my street.  My other daughter got up, freaked out too. She put on her shoes and coat and went outside to investigate.

Alas, instead of aliens visiting from another realm, it was just one of our crazy neighbors, sucking up leaves with a huge leaf sucker. Couldn’t he wait until at least 9:00 a.m. to begin the ruckus?

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Yesterday, I watched one of my daughters finish a half-marathon. This is her second half-marathon. The first one she ran when she was 13 or 14 and she was part of a group called “fit kids.” A bunch of young kids trained with a wonderful woman everyday for several months preparing to run a half-marathon. It was great to see her run back then. But once she had accomplished that goal, she left running altogether. And so I was a little surprised when she told me that she was going to train to run another one. This time around, she didn’t train like she did back then. She occasionally ran in the evenings and sometimes at the gym, but never really consistently.  She still wanted to run the race and we went out to support her coming across the finish line.

nessmarathonWhen I talked to her after about the race, she said it wasn’t as hard as she thought it would be. Once she got into a rhythm, she was able to focus and just keep going. Her time was slower than it had been the first time, but I was proud of the fact that she had set a goal for herself and followed through.

I also realized that I don’t set goals for myself anymore. I have “to-do” lists, but I don’t have full-fledged goals. Sometimes I feel like I am aimlessly drifting from one major life event to another. I’ve told myself that I’m just getting used to having free time and not being driven by the 9-5 life. That may have been true for the first summer I was retired, but I don’t think I can use that as an excuse anymore.

There are quite a few things I would like to get done including projects around the house, healthier eating for myself and family, work on my family history. I make starts and stops on these projects, but nothing is driving me to the finish line. I think it’s time to start writing down some goals for myself. I want to see myself cross the finish line in some of the major areas of my life.



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I love that I can take a three or four-day weekend whenever I want. I don’t have to ask for time off. I don’t have to make sure someone is covering my job. I can just go when I want to.

famLast weekend, three of my kids, my mother and I went up to the lake to close up the cabin. We took some great walks around the area, cut the lawn and cleaned up the cabin. It was nice not to have to hurry after work and go up. We just took our time driving through the fall beauty.

I’ve enjoyed being able to make these trips with my family. One more reason that retirement has been fun for me.


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For the past two days I have been participating with one of the groups I still have ties to: The Utah Alliance for Economic Development. We held the Fall meeting in Layton at the Davis County Convention Center. The main meeting was yesterday and today I attended a board strategic planning session.

I realized when I was driving home today that this is one of the things I miss about not working: Group interactions. Silly as it may sound, I actually love problem solving in a group. I love the banter, the birth of new ideas, the disorganized flow of information, the creative problem solving and the eventual conclusions.  I knew this about myself already. But I didn’t realize how much I miss it until the dynamic presents itself to me.

My retired day doesn’t involve this kind of creative problem solving. I find that I am pretty boring, generally. But in that kind of group setting, I love to participate and shine.

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Count me in with the millions of others who are addicted to Pinterest. Honestly, I haven’t logged in to my Facebook page for ages. But Pinterest??? At least daily. I love that I can access it on my Ipad and my phone.

Here’s just a few ways I use it.

1. Recipes. I used to print out recipes that I wanted to try. I have a 3 ring binder with about 50 recipes stuck in there. Since I found Pinterest, I pin a recipe and then when I am ready to use it, I pull out my pad and start cooking. No need to print the recipe. LOVE It. I try very hard not to pin recipes that I know I won’t use. And I have to say that I have made a number of my pins. The family tries them and if we don’t like it, I can just delete it.

2. I search Pinterest like I used to search Google. If I need a party idea, inspiration for art journaling, help with what’s for dinner, a new hair cut, I search Pinterest. The nice thing about that is that it brings up visually what I’ve searched for. When I search in Google, it brings up a list of other places that I then have to click on to even see.

3. I love to see what inspires my family and friends. Pinterest is a fun way to see what’s going on in their lives. And it’s quick!

4. I love that it is VISUAL.

5. It is truly addicting. Glad that I have a few more minutes in my day to browse.

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