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I’ve been playing a bit with art journaling this year. I’ve been trying to move out of the “safe” realm of scrap booking and card making  to trying my hand at just playing with art. I have created several journals – one that deals with my 2012 word: Journey.  I created this page using a variety of Distress Inks as a background. I found the cool graphic from a book that I purchased at my local thrift store for $1.00 – a real bargain if you ask me. The book is entitled, The Directory of Illustration and Design, Volume 23. It has some pretty interesting illustrations. The quote is from Mark Twain and says, “You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.”


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ImageFor the past several years, I have been participating with Ali Edwards and I’m sure many others on selecting one word for the year. My word for 2012 is Journey. I’ve found that concentrating on a key word rather than a set of resolutions has helped me focus my activities throughout the year.

So far this year I’ve taken some classes to help me learn to be more artistic. A goal I’ve had for some time. My worst grades in school were in art – kind of a stigma that made me believe I wasn’t very artistic or creative. Looking back I think I can blame my poor grades on a bad teacher (or maybe I just cut classes too often).

The family has taken a journey back to Washington DC for a fun vacation. I think this journey will be a great memory for my kids. No theme park in sight… they still loved seeing all that the area had to offer.

I am participating in a journey with my parents, as I watch my mother who is the primary care giver to my father who suffered a stroked almost 4 years ago. As his conditions worsens, we are all pitching in to help where we can.

And my most personal journey of leaving my career behind and delving into other areas of need and interest. My first week at home has been interesting. My girls have been away and I’ve been home alone. I’ve been wandering around starting a number of projects, but never really finishing anything. 

I feel out of touch without my trusty blackberry and calendar. It feels a little foreign to not be connected to anything or any project. I’m sure I will find my way into a routine soon, but right now I’m still a wanderer. 


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Day One

So today is technically the first day of my retirement. I meant to get up early and take a picture of the sunrise, like those sappy commercials on tv. But alas, I slept in some and then spent the day like this:

Got the girls up and ready for their Moab trip.

Had to go to the store to get sandwich bags so I could make their lunch.

Cleaned out my car from the boxes I brought home from my office so I could put sleeping bags, duffel bags and camp chairs into the car.

Delivered them to their meeting point.

Stripped, washed & replaced sheets on two beds.

Trimmed down huge tree growing in my garden. Not a tree I planted, but one that came through the fence from our neighbors.

Watered gardens.

Besides the sheets, did two additional loads of laundry.

Took my parents to my father’s doctor’s appt. This included going to their house, getting him in the wheelchair, wheeled to the car, out of the wheelchair into the car, out of the car into the wheelchair, into the doctor office and then reverse the process.

Went to Hobby Lobby and purchased a five pack of Tim Holtz Distress pens.

Got home and folded three batches of laundry.

Watched the news and Seinfeld.

Went to dinner with my husband.

Came home and got ready for bed.

Now people asked me if I had great plans for my retirement. Since the family just went to Washington DC for a family vacation in May, I didn’t have any travel plans. But even though I spent the day doing stuff in and around the house, I didn’t have to go to work. So it was a good day!

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Every now and again you life places life altering decisions in your road. I have just come to that fork.

For the past 34 years I have been in the corporate world – or in my case it has been in the public service world.  Other than brief vacations and maternity leave, I have gotten up every morning, gotten myself and my children ready for the day and have gone off to a job. Like so many of you, I have juggled daycare, carpools, homework, lessons, sports, dance, church, and extended family with my full-time career. It hasn’t always been easy. But in my case, I have had the benefit of a supportive husband who has been there to help me for 25 of those years.

On Friday, I will walk out of my office door and leave behind the only life I’ve really ever known.

It is time. It feels right.

I will miss so many of my work acquaintances. I have great memories. WONDERFUL memories.

I have met people all across the country, who I have come to love and respect.

I will miss collaboration, brainstorming, problem solving in my work life.

What I won’t miss is office politics. Real world politics. Elections. Transitions.

It is up to me to make this new time in my life as fulfilling and rewarding as my life in the “corporate” world.

This blog is the chronicle of my journey.

It starts June 15, 2012.

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