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Missing Who We Love

Today is the one-year anniversary of my father’s death. The year has blown by. In that time we’ve celebrated a number of benchmark occasions in our household. We’ve done a major remodeling project with months full of a messy, dirty house. We’ve celebrated the birth of our first grandchild – a beautiful, healthy baby girl. We married off our only son. Good thing I love his wife so much, otherwise, it would have been really hard to do this. We’re getting ready to send one of our daughters to serve an LDS mission in Argentina. And lastly, we’re teaching our baby how to drive a car – YIKES!

As we participated in each of these life changing events, we felt a tug of sadness as we felt the absence of dad. I’ve  felt his presence many times this past year, cheering us on.  But that’s not the same as feeling and seeing him.  He lived a good life and led his family by example. Not only did he live a good life, he loved life. He would have been screaming his head off when Germany won the World Cup this year.  He loved soccer!


He overcame many hardships and was there at the end teaching us how to endure and especially how to love. I miss you lots, papa!


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