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Thanks to my husband’s work, we got to fly to Seattle for a couple of days. He got to go to workshops all day and I got to play all day. Of course, play included sleeping in. The weather wasn’t great two of the days we were there, but hey, I’m on vacation and am not going to let a little rain, wind and cold keep my down. One of the other spouses came along, so we spent most of the first day shopping around downtown.

First off, we went to Pikes Market. Interestingly, my friend used to live in the Northwest, but had never gone down. First in through the door, I purchased a great little felt hat to keep my head and body warm. Sorry, didn’t take a picture of that. But then we shopped around until we reached the fish. I was tempted to have some flown home. They looked might good!

crabSo when did they put in the Ferris Wheel thing? We were there two years ago and I don’t remember seeing it. Of course, that doesn’t mean anything, since I am a pretty non-observant person. If the weather would have been better, we might have taken it for a spin.


I’m afraid it was too cold and windy for a test drive. A couple of days later, we went to the Space Needle. Again I was amazed that she could live around here for 10 years and never come over to see it. Seattle’s fall colors were just beautiful. This maple tree really caught my eye. I had to take a ¬†picture of it.


Anyway, the trip was a great getaway from the everyday cares of my world. I loved getting to spend time with my husband and with friends. And, Seattle is a beautiful place to go.


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My attempt to participate in the 31 days in 2013 blog series sponsored by Nester made me realize that blogging every day is hard and also that I don’t do very well with daily “challenges.” So that being said, I quickly jumped in to Cathy Zielske’s 30 days of Thankful challenge. I don’t have to post to my blog everyday, but I’m supposed to write about something that I am thankful for for 30 days.

So I downloaded a template from Cathy’s collection at Designer Digitals and started documenting the things that I am thankful for. So far, I’m five for five days in November. The challenge will come up in the next couple of days when I have to go out of town. So I thought I would post today’s entry in what I’m thankful for.


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