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It seems like only yesterday that I was posting everyday in October. Then came one or two posts in November and then…. nothing. It isn’t because I’ve been vegging out not doing anything. I guess it’s because so many things have been happening that I have neglected writing about them on my blog.

This year was our first Christmas without Dad. We went through the usual traditions with the family, but it seemed a little lacking. My mom and I had found a bunch of reel-to-reel tapes that contained a bunch of Christmas “advent programs” that we kids participated in a long time ago. One of the tapes contained my Dad’s little Christmas speech from the 1970’s. We took the tapes and had them converted to Cd’s for the family and played the Christmas speech on Christmas Eve. It was nice to hear my father’s voice again and it made the event seem more normal than it was.

Mom & Dad 2011

January was the one year anniversary of my brother’s liver transplant. This event was also a defining event for our family in 2013. ┬áMy brother had been struggling with liver disease for a number of years until its progression brought him to the brink of death and through some miracle, he was able to receive a liver. I have thought long and hard this year at how blessed we are when we have our health. It is not something that I have taken for granted.

Lastly, another defining event was the announcement that my married daughter is expecting a baby. I never thought I would live to see the day that I would become a grandmother.

Elisha & Drew

So as 2014 begins to wind its path through my life, I can already see that some big changes are hiding in the wings. My goal now is to make sure that I write about them somewhere so that I don’t forget about the life lessons.


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