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Free Ice Cream ConesEven though my kids are older, we still try to take a field trip ever week in the summer, that is when time and schedules permit. Friday, June 14th, one of our State Parks, “This is the Place” had a free day. All of my kids took a field trip to the park during their Utah History studies in the 4th grade, so it has been a while since any of us were there.

The Park celebrates our heritage when the Pioneers first came into the Salt Lake valley. Their leader, Brigham Young was inspired to stop the journey and stay in the valley. From this vantage point at the mouth of Emigration Canyon, you can see the entire valley with the Great Salt Lake shining on the western horizon.

Interestingly, Utah celebrates Pioneer Day on July 24th as a State Holiday, where our Statehood Day on January 4th is just another day at the office.

The park contains historic homes, a printing press, and early retail establishments. There are lots of fun “hands-on” activities for the kids, as well as Native American dancing, an incredible quilt museum, and a train that takes you around the park. If you are in Utah or coming for a visit, it’s a great place to spend an afternoon and it is just across the road from Hogle Zoo.  Two great places to spend a summer day.


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I can’t hardly believe that it has been a year now since I’ve retired. I told my husband when I first retired that it wouldn’t seem real until I had experienced all the seasons at home. It was lovely not having to get up in the winter, scrap the snow off my car, put on my heavy coat and slog into work. It has been nice sleeping in. It has been fun starting to read again – things for fun, that is. And it has been nice not to have the stress of the political upheaval that accompanies an election.

I had lunch with my boss and “team” just last week. My boss is finally retiring and the Mayor has hired a new person to head the department. Just listening to some of their angst and uncertainty made me realize that I did the right thing to retire last year. I am so glad that I am not going through that again.

But to keep my life interesting, my husband’s company is in the process of being acquired by an out-of-state firm. He and his work buddies have been on pins and needles waiting to hear if they will still have a job. The actual merger will take place on July 1st. The company VP’s and HR people finally came into town last week to do a final interview with everyone and to let them know whether they will be retained. LUCKY/BLESSED for us, Ron was offered a position with the new company. But now he and the rest of those who will remain are going through some of the same feelings I did whenever there was a change in the Mayor or Governor. You have a bit of “survivor’s remorse”  – not know if you should display any sort of happiness that you still have a job, when there are those you work with that got axed. Plus, they will be experiencing some new policies and procedures as the new company comes in and takes the reigns. I can see how stressed he is right now and again am thankful that I’m not going through it.


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